Human Financial offers personal financial planning services.


I understand you have a story to tell that shapes your financial life and your financial health. You deserve an attentive listener that can translate your story into a life-improving financial plan.  I would be honored to listen to your story.


Financial Planning can be an aspirational, transformative and therapeutic experience.  It involves turning your financial life story to into achievable goals and realizing those goals through sound management of your financial means.


Implementing a financial plan offers an unrivaled peace of mind.  It removes components of fear and uncertainty from your day-to-day life.  When you worry less about your relationship with money, you enjoy the freedom to concentrate on other, more important human relationships.  That is the ultimate goal of financial planning.


To that end, Human Financial listens to client stories and translates them into fiduciary* financial planning and asset management services.  I'll listen, I'll translate, and, I'll help you manage your financial health.


If you're interested in learning more about how I can assist in improving your financial health, please send me a message at .


Dusty Harshman, CFP®
Financial Planner 


*Fiduciary?…What does that mean?  Offering financial advice as a “fiduciary” considers your interests as a customer paramount to my interest as an advisor.   I advise and act on your behalf.  I am only compensated by my customers for advice.  That’s it.  I do not receive compensation from other parties for selling or channeling customers into products and services.  I strongly believe in disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest and recusal from service if warranted.  In other words, I want to sit on your side of the table when making financial decisions.


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